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Instagram Shopping
What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram shopping or Shop on Instagram, is a feature of the Instagram app, which allows businesses and brands to identify / mark their products in photographs and content published on the social network, as a way to present their products to their potential customers, taking them to analyze the product, specifications and price directly from the Instagram app, completing the purchase on the website of the business or brand in question.

For some brands, Instagram Shopping has become an indispensable tool for communicating their catalog of available products.

Instagram Shopping
How does Instagram Shopping work?

Instagram Shopping works in a very simple way in the urge of the store that is browsing the social network looking for interesting content or products that satisfy your needs.

You can see that whenever a product is tagged in a photo, Instagram automatically identifies that photo with a shopping bag, so that it is easier for the user to understand that that content has identified products and is easy to find.

When the publication has no identified products, Instagram simply does not place the shopping icon in the upper right corner of the publication.

Note: The owner of the Instagram account defines which publications he wants to identify products in. Control is entirely up to the author.

When identifying a product in a publication and after the user opens that same publication to view its content, by clicking on the image, the product is automatically identified with a label relating to the product name and price.

In the lower left corner, the user can also click on view products to immediately navigate to the brand's Instagram store and view the products that are being identified in the publication.

By marking more than one product in a publication, by clicking on the photo, the various labels corresponding to the products identified in the photo will be displayed.

NOTE: The author of the Instagram account has complete freedom over where the product is identified. As a rule, identification is carried out manually on top of the photograph, using exactly the same process as identifying people in photos.

When clicking on a product viewed in an Instagram publication, the user is automatically directed to the store on Instagram of the brand in question, where they can view the product identified in the publication, as well as more products of the same category or brand.

This screen opens from the bottom up in the Instagram app, when the user clicks on a product label or on the view products button that appears in publications with identified products.

It is possible to scroll through this screen and view different products offered by the same store, since Instagram loads the entire product catalog of the store.

The user can also mark products as favorites and easily add them to their collections of favorite items on Instagram.

Instagram Shopping - Product details
If the user clicks on the product already inside the store on the brand's Instagram, he will be redirected to the details of that product.

In the details, it is possible to view multiple photos of the same product, the name and price of the product and below, view a quick shortcut to the brand's store, as well as a follow button to start following the brand's Instagram account.

In the center and in great prominence, the user finds a View on Site button so that he can view the same product on the E-Commerce of the brand in question and buy if he is interested.

Below, several products related to the product that the user is viewing at that moment will also be presented.

Instagram Shopping - Buy on the website
Finally, the last step happens when the user clicks on the View on Site button and is directed to the brand's website to buy the product.

In this last step it is possible to work in two different ways:

1) Send the user to the product page in his E-Commerce, where all the details are displayed and a button to add the product to the shopping cart;

2) Send the user directly to the shopping cart with the product already added, just missing the purchase to complete the order and receive the order at home comfortably.

Both strategies are valid, and it is essential to carry out tests to understand which approach generates a better return for your business / brand, taking into account the user experience as well.

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